The Incurable Virus in Manchester

On this especially gloomy Sunday afternoon, I am devoid of ambition and happiness. There has been a virus plaguing people all around the globe without rhyme or reason. It is devastating in its unpredictability and intensity.

Many, including myself, are debilitated from the symptoms and consequences. What is this incurable pandemic of global portions you ask? Manchester United Football Club. Manchester United are so impossibly, incredibly, and undeniably inconsistent I have no clue what to make of this team. How down bad am I, you may ask?

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I have turned to Pinterest posts for hope.

Yea. It’s THAT bad. I have no clue know where to find for my next fix of serotonin, because it surely isn’t coming from this team. The matchday had a eerie and somewhat depressing background to it. United and England legends, Nobby Stiles and Sir Bobby Charlton, (A+ names, btw), were reported deceased a few days ago and diagnosed with dementia today, respectively. I think you can pardon my somber mood given this news. This news tugged on my heart strings, your heart strings, and likely the team’s as well.

Fook Off Arsenal

In Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer’s 100th appearance as the Club’s manager, he put out a similar diamond Starting XI that gave Leipzig so many problems a short 4 days ago. I thought it would work again; but as the scoreless minutes passed by, it was apparent catching lightning in a bottle twice is harder than it sounds. Given the news in the aforementioned paragraph, I excuse the first 45 minutes from the team. No one in our team seemed in it and those classless Gunners looked to take advantage of the fact. Mikel Arteta is a despicable manager pulling that shit. A true wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In the second half, we looked more brooding and held possession in dangerous areas. Arsenal unfortunately saw off the early onslaught and grew into the game. In the 69th minute Pogba conceded a soft, but stupid penalty as he missed a through ball in his own box and brushed against Bellerin’s foot. There is no greater supporter of #MyFrenchKing, but a few times a game he gets lazy, somewhat disinterested, or has a lapse of better judgement and does something stupid. Usually he gets away with it, but today he didn’t. Life goes on, I suppose. Aubameyang fired it to the left of DeGea which proved to be the deciding goal in the game.

Pain / How Do You Manage Pain? | Know Your Meme

Someone, Anyone Help

I really thought today would be our day. All things considered, we’ve had a good past few weeks. A win against Newcastle, PSG, a draw to Chelsea, and a win again RB Leipzig is a SOLID run. United had a chance to go from good to great (within this season) with their first home win win against Arsenal, and didn’t. After taking a long look at the team, I’ve decided this is just who Manchester United are. All too human to be consistent.

Death, Taxes, and MUFC’s Inconsistency

The only constants in this world as an American Red Devil are death, taxes, and Manchester United inconsistency. Life without this triumphant triad would feel monotonous and incomplete. When all three align, there is perfect balance in the world and I am not sure what I would do without them. Be Happy? Oh please. Give me heartbreak, give me joy, give me it all and everything in between. Being a fan of Manchester United makes me feel, and that is better than anything in the world (except my girlfriend, of course).

Glory Glory

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