More of the Same From Monotony United

Stop me if you heard this before, but Manchester United put on yet another snooze fest at Old Trafford. In the latest edition of “how can my favorite team let me down,” United had the prime time slot against the Frank Lampard and his new team funded by Russian blood money (allegedly).


To be honest, I have no recollection of the game, it was THAT boring. Ole put out the same Starting XI from Newcastle. I refuse to entertain the idea that he went in hoping for a draw at home. How he thinks that that team can score goals against Chelsea is beyond my comprehension. Zag when everyone else zigs, I guess. Sometimes I think Ole lives in the land of make-believe. He must’ve forgot we scored all those goals last week after he brought on all his subs.

The same Dan James that was threatening last week looked far more like the actual Dan James this week. Everyone give him a break, its not his fault he is an attacking player but doesn’t know what to do with the ball in the final third. Life is #hard. Even after all our subs came on, I’m not sure we would’ve gotten a goal if we played another 90 minutes. Every inch of the offense gameplan was pedestrian.

This feeling sucks. The team had a bad case of low-T all day. This begs the question if there were any positives from the game. Uhh, kinda. The defense kept a clean sheet so that’s a plus. Lindelof is probably my MOTM which hopefully builds some confidence with him in the next games. People are mad about Axel not getting a start, but I get it. We called for a Bailly start and that’s the same day Spurs ran train on us. Maybe he deserved a start, but life isn’t fair sometimes. He still has a place in this squad this year, and in the future.

Yet Another Word on Ole

I don’t like this part, you don’t like this part, but it has to be done. Talking about the manager is a necessary evil, much like the very existence of Chelsea Football Club.

Back to Ole. I just don’t know man, the jury is still out on him. I mean a draw isn’t the worst scenario, but I kinda wish the team got more than a draw today after 2 impressive wins in a row. Let’s be honest, this game had three points all over it. Sure, there aren’t fans in the stands, but you need to make home a fortress. It’s nothing short of frustrating we can play well away from home and not replicate it at Old Trafford. Figure it out Ole. For a once great striker known for his goal scoring heroics in Manchester, he’s gotta be able to do it with this squad. Here’s a thought: maybe when you play a top-side team, Ole should play his best players in their best positions. Just a suggestion. #freepogba #freedonny #freetelles

EDIT: I was done with this blog, but Ole came out in the presser and said, “if we had that stadium and the Stretford end full, we could have created more pressure and more urgency. We miss the fans, we have to say.”

WHAT A COP OUT! Hey Ole, I get it’s hard to play without fans, but guess what, you’re not the only team who doesn’t have fans in their stadium. This pandemic isn’t gonna be over soon, so should we just give up on the rest of the season since their won’t be fans for the foreseeable future? C’mon, don’t go there when the team selection and performance was just a little lackluster today.

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