I am clairvoyant. I am a genius. I am Nostradamus and Socrates combined. In conclusion to the haters, of which there are many, WE ARE SO BACK!

Looking at the team sheet, I kinda liked the move by #mymanager. Occasionally, people blame Ole for a lot but I give it to him today. Ole knows how to play the big competition. By starting with 5 at the back, Ole showcased the attacking talent of our Brazilian debutant, Alex Telles.

Similarly to fellow ARD Kaleb, I watched all the edm-dubbed highlights but this performance far exceeded my expectations. The man can put the ball wherever he wants on a cross. Sorry Bruno, Telles needs to be our de-facto corner specialist.

McTominay and Fred in the holding midfield position to start was a ballsy move that was needed. Two of them each have more of an motor for defense than Pogba. All things considered, the duo kept arguably the two most expensive players ever, SILENT for 90 minutes.

Now for a quick word on the SpiderTM. AWB is the best tackler on this team, the Premier League, the continent, the entire world. It’s truly amazing how technically gifted this 23 year old is at timing his tackles. In fact, he had Mbappe in the Steiner Recliner for the whole match.

Tony, Better Luck Next Time

Take a break in Manchester for a couple days and shake it off. Of course Tony can bounce back, don’t forget he scored goals under Louis Van Gaal.

Ole Went All In

Ole pushed all the chips in and let his nuts hang when he brought on Pogba instead of trying to park the whole damn motorcade, like Our (former) Dear Leader Jozay. Moreover, it paid off and Pogba changed the game.

In the closing minutes of a stretched game, Pogba found Rashford who fired past that overrated Real Madrid castaway. Marcus, please forgive me, I know not what I do. It was only a joke I swear.

Haters called me delusional, Haters have called me crazy, but the Haters can’t say I’m not a Manchester United fan. We’re the greatest of English Football, ’nuff said.

Do me a favor; bring in the chorus and tell me how good does it feel!

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