The Pogba Dilemma, A Rational Solution to An Irrational Problem

While the good sirs have sworn off the Pog-drama on the Podcast, I cannot.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Pogba, on his day, is one of the best midfielders in the world. His performance in the 2018 Manchester Derby will go down in United history. His performance in the World Cup helped bring France their second title. His ability to create is unrivaled.

That all being said, Pogba’s attitude towards Manchester United seems to change as much as his haircuts do. One week he’s all in… the next his agent, Mino Raiola, is spewing about Paul wanting to leave for Juventus/Real Madrid.

Whatever the case may be, it makes all the sense in the world for United to move on this summer and continue to rebuild with players that actually want to be at Old Trafford, and not for the money.

I look back and reference a time when our last beloved number 7, Cristiano Ronaldo, wanted to leave United for the Santiago Bernabeu.

Ronaldo and Sir Alex worked out a backroom deal that would ultimately benefit both sides. Ronaldo proceeded to help United win the Premier League in ’08-’09, leading to his record transfer to Real Madrid.

What can be learned from this?

Despite all the hate that Pogba gets on a daily basis from United fans, it would benefit both parties if he returned in a big way this season.

If United gets the Paul that’s lights out, and he pairs well with Bruno, United can achieve Top 4, with the possibility of a FA Cup & Europa League trophy to boot. 

United gets Champions League football next season, and Paul has proved that he can still make a major impact on the pitch. This bumps his value in the transfer market, and we send him, and his baggage, on his way to wherever.

Will his skills be missed? Sure.

Will the possible additions of Maddison, Grealish, and/or Sancho fill the void? Absolutely.

It’s in everyones best interest for Paul Pogba to return and light up England for the remainder of the ’19-’20 campaign. It’s clearly the best rational solution to this irrational problem that’s plagued United since his return.

Who knows? Maybe he’ll want to stay and pair with Bruno for the leagues best midfield duo. But that’s another rabbit hole for another time.

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