This is Manchester, Not Barcelona

If you, like me, turn to to alleviate the incurable case of hating your day-job, then you likely found out that Futbol Club de Bar(th)elona cleaned out the whole fucking house today. We’re talking complete panic-mode fire everyone. In shocking fashion, the President and the entire Board of Directors resigned (ran out of town) after pressure from club supporters.

What a sad way to go out. Take it from me, a guy who loves his chief executive officer, ownership, and Board of Directors more than anyone else. The lack of compassion shown by club supporters that want to see their favorite sports team do well is abhorrent. Most importantly, you just hate to see the ownership leave because they are responsible for ruining literally everything. Even now there are fans celebrating the resignation of all those good, honest men. It couldn’t be me.

Yes, I am a Manchester United fan. However, I can’t stand Ed Woodward, Joel Glazer, and the entire Board of Directors. I can’t even begin to think of a world without them running the club into the ground. The nightmares would even terrify Freddy Krueger.

No. Don’t You Even Think of it.

Today, I take a stand. I want it on the record that I would absolutely hate to see fans of this article, podcast, website, and club start a petition, buy merch, or come up with trending hashtags that would besmirch the good name of Manchester United Football Club’s ownership structure. I do not condone such activities and disavow from all such instances of insinuations and implications.

Please do not to aid and abet in the tearing down of this Club’s dysfunctional ownership. They are humans too, I think.

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