Manchester United Transfer Window Woes?

A Measured Response

The transfer window has closed for Manchester United.

The dust has settled. The tears have dried. Fabrizio Romano is headed for his bi-annual hibernation. All too often, reactions as football fans lack careful consideration and are impulsive. Why is it?

Are our emotions and well-being simply too tied up in a football club and its transfer window? Now that we, fans of this illustrious and well-decorated club, have had time to process our emotions, we can react in a calm and calculated manner and review this past summer Transfer Window.

Now, a Fan Reaction…

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ED WOODWARD?! I mean, you have got to be kidding me! People say a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut, but what about an incompetent, inept, and useless Chief Executive Officer?

Does he find a way to impress in the transfer market and reestablish the world’s most valuable football club as the most fear opposition? No. The Answer has been, and always will be; No.

Twice a season, there’s an opportunity. An opportunity to make outside investments not only to galvanize and reinfect a sense of purpose into not only a team, but also a city, a country, an entire fanbase around the world.

Every transfer window as a United fan reminds me of Pandora’s Box. We are all so filled with excitement and anticipation, our joy can hardly be concealed!

The days quickly turn to weeks, and the box is still closed with no deals done as Eddy and his ragtag gang of misfits leave it late yet again.

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