Unholy Comeback at St. Mary’s

A tale as old as time. The devil vs. the saint. In a heated matchup, who would prove victorious. This time, I wanted the devil to come out victorious. My CCD teacher is rolling in her grave.

Excitement. Exhilaration. Euphoria. I can hardly describe my feelings. This team has brought me back from the depths one too many times. I, and Manchester United, will never give up! We are co-existing beings meant for a lifetime of up-and-downs. This game showed me just how much winning means to this Club.

Earlier this week, after an emphatic win against That Team from Turkey, I wrote that this year feels like ’99. Admittedly I may have jumped the gun a little and rode the high a little too much, but now this really feels like ’99! Rio know, and says it best.

Who Cares About First Half Goals?!

Ole put out a shrewd Starting XI with a clear purpose in mind; control the midfield, win the ball high up, and hit them on the break. I am a critic of Ole perhaps a bit more than is warranted, but every time I think about bringing down the wrath of the gods (internet trolls) he does well. For the first 45, the diamond midfield saw meaningful possession, and supplied the front two adequately. Having said that, the hard work done by the midfield was wasted by Rashford and Greenwood.

I am not sure exactly what has happened to our Golden Boy Greenwood. After a meteoric rise last season, he has been less than stellar. I think it all started going wrong after bagging Icelandic models on International duty. It’s a shame the press wouldn’t let him live it down, he was only putting his best foot forward and serving his country as a peaceful ambassador. Whatever it is, I hope he shakes it off soon as he fumbled two golden opportunities.

I almost forgot to add, but Southhampton netted two goals on the back of James Ward-Prowse’s genius. Who cares.

Can’t Stop Cavani

I thought Southhampton’s two goals were by unfortunate at best, but were just menial errors. How United would bounce back from would really tell the tale. Ole made halftime subs (shocking, I know) and took off the troubled youngster for Edinson Cavani. I am not endorsing Woodward for literally anything, but signing Cavani as a free agent was impressive. Don’t get it twisted, I still hate Woodward.

Cavani came on and showcased his brilliance that secured his bag from Woodward in the first place. Peeling out to the right, he found a cross to Bruno in the middle. 2-1, and the comeback was on. Next, Bruno sliced a ball back in from a corner that found our Uruguayan’s head. 2-2, and I was practically edging. If you don’t know what that means, DO NOT search! I’m not gonna be responsible for your computer viruses. In the 92nd minute, Cavani’s head found another ball and just like that, the comeback was complete! Simply put, Cavani is a game-changer with serious pedigree.

Vintage United Comeback

United did it! Hand up, I was fully prepared to write a muted and largely boring blog talking about how a draw was just enough for me to keep hope alive during the holiday season. Fuck that. This team showed real heart and conviction today. This comeback was taken straight from SAF’s Declassified Managerial Survival Guide. That makes it 4 wins straight, and United look to be on the verge of something significant. God Bless Ole, God Bless Manchester United, and God bless those Scouse Bastards dropping points.

This time, it really feels like ’99. Sing it, baby!

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