“What I’m Thankful For” – Happy Thanksgiving!

We all know there’s plenty of messed up stuff at Manchester United (s/o The Glazers) and, more importantly, in the world (no s/o to COVID), but here’s a Top Ten list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving as an American Red Devils supporter.

Number 10 – Be thankful that we now know exactly what Alex and John look like.. Thanks to Stanley Chow for making this possible.

Number 9 – Be thankful for the game in hand. It provides the hope and justification you need when we’re sitting towards the business end of the table early in the season. “Sure we’re in tenth, but we’ve got a game in hand.”

Number 8 – Be thankful that Poch didn’t go to City. I’m not saying I want Ole out (I’m not not saying it either), but I know that I didn’t want Poch in the seat across town.

Number 7 – Be thankful for Mason’s post-restart tear. Let’s forget about the last couple of months (I blame Foden!) and remember that this kid was unbelievable for a couple of months in the summer. Scissor-scissor-left foot – bang!

Number 6 – Be thankful that Harry’s not in jail. The captain was locked up for a while and then convicted. Who knows where it goes from here, but I’m just glad he’s not wearing a purple bandana and dealing with the Dementors.

Number 5 – Be thankful that Marcus is a great young player and a phenomenal human being. When you buy a shirt with a name and number on it for your kid, you always want that guy to not end up with other initials by their name (e.g. Bonus three letter fill in the blank: Grealish ___ or Kyle Walker ___). Yet, Rashford has overachieved so much that the only problem with the Rashford shirt I bought my 8 year old is that it didn’t come with MBE on it.

Number 4 – Be thankful that we’re in the Champions League. We needed that finish and we got it, so now the music can play on those Tuesday and Wednesday nights and there’s some hope for more.

Number 3 – Be thankful the third kit has solid shorts, instead of the “fashion” shorts.. Truthfully, this would have been the most embarrassing thing that could’ve happened this year.

Number 2 – Bruno! Bruno! Bruno! That’s all. Be thankful we got Bruno because he’s all we could’ve asked him to be.

Number 1 – Be thankful that Project Restart actually restarted. We got so much football this summer and it never had to be that way. It really didn’t.

There’s my list of what I’m thankful for as a United Supporter this week, but I’m sure I’m missing more. What’s on your list?

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