United Transfer Window vs. Netflix

When you first start following soccer (football, I know!), transfer windows seem exciting. This is especially true when you are new to supporting United, because of three assumptions:

A. You assume the money is there.
B. You assume the people in charge actually want to win.
C. You assume all players want to play for Manchester United.

The math on that seems simple and fun.

A + B + C  equals transfers that happen early and often and United gets the players United wants.

In reality, however, transfer windows are kind of like when Netflix started streaming and I thought it was awesome because there were 1000’s of shows on demand. And it was awesome, until I would have forty five minutes to watch a show or two, but then I open the app to see dozens of shows and genres I had no interest in.

What started as awesome always ended with me giving up and watching a single episode of The Office. before going to sleep. With Netflix this whole ordeal is great and you don’t complain because when all is said and done, you still get to watch The Office.

With United, transfer windows are not great (or fine or acceptable or mediocre) because we missed out on Haaland, only just signed Bruno and Phil Jones has STARTED six matches this year.

You just wish you hadn’t turned the January Transfer Window episode on.

– Justin

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