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Dear American Red Devils,

In times of need, we must rely on people to help. It is not a sign of weakness, but rather a one of strength. It shows that one has created a positive change in the world without ulterior motives, or expecting anything in return. As such, you unintentionally invite and surround yourself with wellness, good feelings, and positive intentions from others.

Today, I am not writing this blog as an extremely sarcastic and largely confused 20 something year-old. Instead I am writing this as a young man who cares about others, and genuinely sees good in this world every day. On Saturday, Manchester United suffered dropped points at the hands of Everton. With that, I could hardly wait for the new podcast from John and Alex to drop to hear all the reactions and thoughts. To be fair, I got what I came for, and then some.

Towards the end of the podcast, I learned John would have a guest host as Alex would be away with a family emergency. He felt comfortable enough with his ARD family, to share that his son was undergoing a procedure, and would be with his family. I was gutted to hear this. Sometimes, I get in the habit of going through the motions of everyday life not actualizing that the people we interact, form relationships with, and rely on are also humans who have their own set of circumstances to navigate their way through.

To me, I largely saw Alex as my a podcast hero and my blog-father, but only after hearing this news did I realize other people describe him vastly different from me. Son. Brother. Husband. Father. That small few seconds of the show made me really think what was I offering to this blog and community other than the occasional joke or satire. Today, I am going to change that. I only know Alex as a fellow Manchester United fan, but he is much more to many more people.

We fans debate and take opposing sides from time to time, but we should not forget who made this platform possible. I decided to start a go-fundme for his son’s procedure. Every one of us goes through tough times, and as a pay-it-forward, I want to offer the man who grew this community to truly see what he has created; a very supportive and strong group that can go deeper than “just soccer.”

The goal may be big, but I am hoping fans can empathize with Alex and understand the hardships he is going through in his personal life. Please donate whatever you feel comfortable with using this link, or even this link: https://gofund.me/28fae4be. Show Alex your appreciation and that we, a community, support him completely! After all, none of this would be without for him or John! All proceeds will be given to Alex and his family March 1st. Please share this with others and let’s smash this goal!



EDIT: I have not said anything to him about this, but seeing as he posts all blogs, he has found this by now. Thank you Alex for creating the greatest Manchester United fan-base in the entire world! I wish you and your family the absolute best!

**EDITOR’s NOTE: My family and I are overwhelmed by the well-wishes and support received from JR and the rest of the American Red Devil family. Any money raised in the GoFundMe above will be donated to a worthy charity. Thank you for all the love and well-wishes for our son Felix, who’s recovering well from surgery as we speak. – Alex from ARD

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