What Makes a Great Manchester United Kit? (Away Edition)

Throughout the years we have seen some absolutely gorgeous United away kits. My personal favorite being the one Wayne Rooney wore during the campaign he became United’s all-time leading goal scorer. Soon Adidas will be looking to create a design for next season. The following are more of my attempts to create some kits and discuss what makes a United away kit great.

For the Flag

The United flags and scarves are iconic. This kit specifically tries to emulate those gorgeous flags. While the sponsorship looks untraditional, this is done so the Chevrolet logo does not take away from the flag print. In this case, less design means more. Also, white is never a bad choice for any away kit.

History Beckons

Some kits were so beautiful in the past that need to be brought back again. Adidas still owns the rights to the 92 United away kit pattern that is used on the left. This version is an updated design by using the current logo and Chevrolet sponsor.

The other design featured is inspired by the 1968 kit when United won their first European Cup, as well as the first English team to lift it. Adidas released a mock kit similar to this but it was never worn for games. The kit features the logo from 1968 paying homage to that squad.

Despite blue not being one of United’s colors, blue kits are well within its history. Even though clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea claim blue as their own, United can wear whatever color we please for one reason. We are Manchester United and that’s enough!

Back in Black

Black and red make a beautiful combination. The red devil as the logo is sleek but also eye-catching. United have been using more black kits in recent years and hopefully, that trend will continue. Gold hits on the sleeve stripes and Adidas logos work better than white to keep a darker look. Personally, I think United play better in black. Maybe it’s an intimidation factor, maybe it is just added confidence. Either way, anything to help lads play their best.

Thanks for reading. Glory Glory Man United.

Written by CJ Szaz

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