What Makes a Great Manchester United Kit? (Home Edition)

Manchester United's David Beckham and Gary Neville celebrate at the end of the game.


This week, there have been leaks for United’s home kit next season; if you missed it, click the link under the photo above. While Adidas tried to go outside the box, no one has a better opinion on United kits than the supporters. Below are my attempts to make better options for a United home kit and discuss what makes a United kit great.

Keeping It Simple

Change is good, as long as it does not take away from a proper United home kit. While in past years some kits have strayed from tradition, the best of them usually keep a pattern. Red Jerseys with minimal print, white shorts, and a sponsor that won’t overpower the badge. This unsurprisingly is a little boring, but it is better than straying too far outside of the box. Simple has continually proven to be a safe bet. Never horrible nor great, but definitely decent.

Modern Manchester

With Manchester United’s kits being one of Adidas’s best selling annually, Adidas will want United’s kit to be eye-catching. Personally, I would save eye-catching for the alternates. Despite straying from tradition, these kits would be memorable. The black shorts are hit or miss, it really depends on your personal view on it. Additional patterns can take the focus away from the tradition of United.

Timeless Classic

Some clubs have recently chosen to get back to basics. Executing this could prove to be problematic. Nonetheless, it would be a great sight for United to go back to the past for a game or two. Adidas approving the trefoil logo should be easy. However, Chevy’s sponsorship deal with United is pretty strict. Maybe United could put the Chevy Ad on the back or just a white old school Chevy logo. Who wouldn’t want a beauty like this to return to Old Trafford?

Thanks for reading. Glory Glory Man United

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