What Signing Tom Brady Means for Manchester United

The Glazers finally invested in the success of a team they own. Unfortunately for us, they chose to spend on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers instead of Manchester United. Tom Brady secured a contract worth up to $50 million and the following is how his arrival affects United.

If Brady Does Well

The Bucs have not made the playoffs since 2007, but Brady has only missed the playoffs twice in his career. Assuming Brady can lead the Bucs to a division title and into the playoffs next season, the Glazers could take one of two actions: Learn the value of investing in the squad, or focus on the NFL.

After seeing the positive results in Tampa Bay, the Glazers can finally take an interest in the on-pitch success of United. The teams that win the most, make the most money, so the Glazers could try to recreate what happened in Tampa at United.

However, the Bucs’ success could push the Glazers away from United. After seeing United fall from grace under their ownership, the Glazers might realize that they have failed at owning Uniter properly. In this case, they would hopefully do the right thing and sell the club.

If Brady Backfires

Tom Brady is turning 43 in August. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that signing Brady will not lead Tampa Bay to glory. If that happens, the Glazers will surely begin to lose belief in their ability to lead teams to success.

However, unlike in the scenario above where they sold the club, here the Glazers would keep their stake at United and continue to suck the club dry. As Ed Woodward said, “Playing performance doesn’t really have a meaningful impact on what we can do on the commercial side of the business.” If the Glazers fail in both the EPL and NFL, then they will continue to ruin United and reap the profits.

Football Club, Not a Bank Account

Regardless of what happens with Tampa next season, one thing remains the same: United needs ownership who cares about the club. Personally, the Brady move gives me hope for United. Regardless of if the signing works or not, this should be a positive sign for United supporters. Brady signing for Tampa can be the first step towards United being sold or the Glazers finally respecting our club.

Thanks for reading. To everyone in quarantine, stay safe.

Glory Glory Man United.

Written by CJ Szaz

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  1. My major worry is that it’s done more as a ‘butts in seats’ move. Sells merchandise, gets people interested, now with Gronk coming in it could be decent? But I see it all as a money move sadly.

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