American Red Devils Introduce Alexander Davis as a Guest Contributor

Hello to you all, I’m Alexander and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the American Red Devils blog. I will contribute as often as my work and school schedule will allow!

I feel the way I became a Manchester United fan was some kind of divine intervention. When I was younger, I got a PlayStation Portable for Christmas. With it, I got FIFA 06. This was my introduction to the sport as a whole, as soccer/football is not a hugely popular sport in my home state of West Virginia.

The default team to play as was Man United, and I began to dominate with Wazza, Ronaldo, Giggsy, Scholes, van Nistelrooy, and Keane. I then began to read into the history and culture around the club and I was hooked. I continuously followed scores, and over time began to watch matches until I found myself planning my life so I could watch every match.

I honestly think that if it had been any other club, that FIFA 06 game would have found its way to a Gamestop and that would have been the end of it. Instead, I found a club to be passionate about. I do love my West Virginia Mountaineers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Pittsburgh Steelers; but I don’t think I could love United any more if I were born in Manchester. As with the other three, I live and die with each game. A big win or loss can make or break an entire week.

I look forward to sharing my views on the club that we love with you all. Now…….Stand up if you HATE Glazer!!

Alexander Davis

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