BANTER CLUB ALERT! Manchester United agreed £55m fee with Sporting for Bruno Fernandes, only to lower their offer to £42m after hearing the club were desperate for money!

A headline so absurd that it has to be true. Ed Woodward and Matt Judge, the individual actually responsible for transfer negotiations at United, agreed to a £55M transfer fee for Bruno Fernandes, only to later renege on the agreement and subsequently lower their offer to £42M!

For a Club that is so desperate for reinforcements to bottle their only active transfer, after a deal had already been agreed, shows that the club is being run by absolute clowns. Not only does this sabotage our most advanced transfer negotiation, it undermines every subsequent transfer we do in the future, as selling clubs will no longer trust the word of Manchester United.

Our beloved club is in absolute free-fall and this deal falling apart at the 11th hour exposes the deficiencies at the top.

Dark days are here to stay and it doesn’t look like the tide will be turning anytime soon!

More from Sky Sports below:

Manchester United and Sporting Lisbon remain in a deadlock regarding the transfer of Bruno Fernandes, with the clubs £10m apart in valuation.

With eight days of the window left to go, the deal has stalled, with no fresh negotiations planned.

Last week, Sporting were optimistic they had the basis of a deal with United to buy the 25-year old midfielder.

Super-agent Jorge Mendes flew to Manchester with Sporting’s president, Frederico Varandas, and his director of football, Hugo Viana, to finalise a deal with United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.

Following the conclusion of their trip to the UK, Varandas’ mood was mixed. He was sorry to be losing a star player, but glad that a transfer fee of £55m had been agreed in principle with United.

In the days that followed, Varandas’ optimism was tempered by a change in stance from United.

Rather than progressing with the agreed £55m deal, United said they were only willing to offer £42m for Fernandes.

United, prompted by the belief Sporting were desperate for funds before the end of this month, thought the Portuguese club would accept the lower offer.

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