American Red Devils Introduce Tyler as a Guest Contributor

Hey, everyone!

I’m excited to join the American Red Devils as a guest contributor. I’m proud to be a part of the Red Army and look forward to hearing from the rest of you.

As an introduction, I would like to share how I became a Manchester United supporter and why I continue to follow the club. For me, it first started in 2006. I was 14 years old at the time and it was my first time following the World Cup. My family is not a “soccer” family by any means so I had no real exposure to the sport until that moment. When it came to the World Cup, the one thing I knew was that the US team was not very good.

I wanted to root for a winner so I looked towards my parents’ heritages. My mom is of German descent and my father, Portuguese. The first game I watched during that World Cup was Portugal in the group stage. They had this dazzling youngster that was shaking people with his fast feet and hesitations. You may know him as Cristiano Ronaldo. From the first glance, I was hooked. Ronaldo blew me away and I was an instant fan. I followed Ronaldo, and subsequently, Portugal, throughout the World Cup.

At the end of the World Cup, I wanted more Ronaldo. I used the seemingly primitive internet of 2006 to learn that Ronaldo played for Manchester United. Then, I would check on Manchester United throughout the year to see how the team but more importantly, how Ronaldo was doing.

A few years later, 2009 came and so did the transfer of Ronaldo. I had started watching a couple games a year at this point and had a decision to make. Do I stick with Manchester United or do I leave with Ronaldo and begin to follow Los Blancos? I’m pretty against people switching teams, in any context, so I decided to stick with Manchester United. Ronaldo leaving forced me to dig deeper into the United squad and learn the team and the history. That’s when I became hooked for good.

I’m proud to be a United supporter. Their history of promoting youth and attacking football is something I’ve grown fond of. Even when I’m playing FIFA, I’m constantly coveting young players as I believe it’s the best way to build a squad and that’s been the United way for as long as we can remember.

I’m excited to contribute to this blog and look forward to hearing from you all! Viva Ronaldo and Glory Glory.


  1. I am a Manchester Supporter since I was one year old and I have eight different illnesses and my family who come from Manchester

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