Youth Player Review: What’s the Deal with Gomes and Chong?

Two promising youngsters are continuously linked with moves out of OT as rumors swirl around this January transfer window. Those two lads are Angel Gomes and Tahith Chong. What’s transpired in the past year that makes them want to leave? We’re digging in to that!


Remember Waza’s last match with United versus Crystal Palace in 2017? He made way for a promising teenager by the name of Angel Gomes. Well, as Andy Dwyer from Parks & Rec would say, “my how the turntables.” Maybe Angel doesn’t want to be a…..Red DEVIL.

This season, Gomes has been featured in six matches and things have not been great. We’re looking at a stat line of cero (zero) goals and cero (zero) assists. Those numbers do not increase if we include all of Gomes’ senior team appearances.

Now 19 years old, Gomes has been linked with moves out of OT as he has not seen a substantial increase in playing time. Gomes was unwilling to sign a new deal last month as he is said to have been underwhelmed by the club’s offer. To make matters worse, he went to Instagram and subsequently erased all memory of his time with United. Seems reasonable, if Gomes were a high-schooler getting over a hard breakup and not a professional athlete.

Gomes is rumored to part of the Bruno Fernandes deal. If this happens, I chalk that up as a win.


I write this with a heavy heart, as my wife loves Chong, AKA “Chongy”. Unlike Gomes, Chong has impressed the Baby Faced Assassin lately, including his performance against Wolves in the FA Cup earlier this month.

Chong has been featured in seven matches this season and has put up goose eggs on the goals and assists front. Sound familiar? (See above) While he has made great runs here and there, he’s been careless with the ball and errant with his passing.

Chong delayed signing a new contract with United last November in hopes of joining Italian giants Juventus this upcoming summer. This week, it’s claimed that Inter Milan (aka Manchester Milan) are progressing towards collecting Chong’s signature.


Gomes and Chong are witnessing the emergence of the likes of Greenwood, Garner, and Williams and they have clearly had enough. Both continue to perform in PL 2, but that is expected when you are 19 and 20 years old, respectively. They may believe it’s their time now to join clubs where they will get more minutes and possibly even start. Chong may compete for a bench spot on a loaded Milan squad, while Gomes will be right back at it fighting for minutes.

The grass is always greener, or Greenwood.

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