American Red Devils Welcome Peter Geros as a Guest Contributor

Hello everybody! My name is Peter and I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the ranks here as a contributor. I am really going out on a limb here as I have never been known as a writer and never thought that this would be something that I would be interested in doing, but here we are.

Manchester United is one of my most passionate interests, and the American Red Devils community is, as John and Alex always iterate, for fans and by fans; I felt comfortable in this type of environment to go out on a limb and try something new!

Why Manchester United

My first experience with soccer was through public youth soccer leagues. I was a keeper and at 7 years old I was playing in the U-12 division making diving saves and commanding a box. Then one day I made a save and landed sideways into the goal post, dislocating my hip bone and popping both legs out of the socket. That was that for my soccer career.

Fortunately it was a clean dislocation and I sustained no lasting injuries. The legs popped right back in and I was walking again two days later. fast forward to 2006 and that famous Zidane headbutt, I have flash memories of my mother’s friend, my Italian neighbor word vomiting curse words at the television. A week later I find my older brother playing FIFA ’06 and touting the amazing Cristiano Ronaldo. The rest is history. Maybe I should thank my Italian neighbor, or even that goal post. I came for Ronaldo. I stayed because I found a piece of my soul in this glorious club.

Favorite United Players

5) Antonio Valencia – found his niche later in his career after retreating to the fullback position. To me there was a spell where he was the best RB in the world. SO FAST

4) Michael Carrick – smooth as silk, underrated, when he played we won. I miss his midfield presence each and every day. He could unlock a defense whenever he pleased. I wonder how many hockey assists he would have had if that stat was counted…

3) RVP – 20th title. That volley from that Rooney assist. Not much more to say on that.

2) Wayne Rooney – The physical embodiment of Manchester United. The top scorer. The main man. We always had an opportunity to win if his name was on the team sheet. As a matter of fact, we usually did!

1) Dimitar Berbatov – I could talk about this man for HOURS. One of the best to ever play the game in my eyes. To be THAT GOOD and make it look as effortless as he did…this man was an absolute artist. Best touch I’ve ever seen. Watching him play was like listening to a smooth jazz saxophone solo.

Other Interests

I am an avid golfer and I love to play tennis as well. I was the #1 player at my school back in the day in both sports. I don’t play tennis so much anymore but I do play golf as much as I can. I currently have a 9 handicap which means that in any given round of 18 holes I’m usually scoring between 78-85. I love to play video games as well, usually Halo or Rocket League

What I Will Be Contributing

Most of my posts moving forward will be about the state of the club, on and off the pitch, in a more conceptual sort of analysis. And also I will dive into making some player profiles for U-23 squad players.

– Peter

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Hello all! My name is Peter and I am a 26 year old male from Virginia. My interest in soccer stemmed from the 2006 world cup, and has grew from there. I fell in love with the game quickly and instantly I chose to support Manchester United because of Ronaldo. Naturally I was heartbroken when he left for Real, but the soul of the club resonated with me, and I was a die-hard fan for life at this point anyways, so we kick on. I'm looking forward to writing blog posts and getting acclimated in the community! Cheers! -Peter

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