Football Stream Screen Sadness

The Problems with Streaming Services

Stream Screen Sadness

Has this ever happened to you? You’re watching your team and they’re about to score. However, the screen goes black right before the kick. The streaming service that you’re using stops working and the spinning circle of death appears. To quote John Mayer, “We share a sadness, stream screen sadness.” These streaming services plague the American viewing experience. 

This year the new service is Peacock. This platform is in a few words, simply terrible. The clear the intention of NBC is to make money, not make a quality Premier League viewing service. It doesn’t just stop at the Premier League, streaming has spread to just about every tournament there is. There are so many, fans would need a book to keep track. These steaming services are ruining the football experience for all football fans across America.


It wasn’t until the 2018-2019 season that the first of the streaming services, NBC Sports Gold, emerged. This service would exclusively broadcast a portion of United’s games.  I, like many other fans, paid for this service. I thought that paying would mean that it was a quality service. Wrong, NBC Gold was absolutely terrible. The amount of times it failed to load the game all together, simply uncountable.

This year NBC introduced its newest brain child, Peacock. This service is perhaps slightly better than NBC Gold. Which would be a good thing, if NBC Gold wasn’t absolute garbage. One main difference now is they’re putting big games on this service now. If the amount of games on Peacock continues to rise, then the quality needs to rise as well. 

Other streaming services are popping up in football as well. For instance, CBS has somehow managed to obtain rights to Europa League and Champions League football, which they play on their service CBS All Access. This service has been alright for me, slow at times, but certainly better than NBC’s sad excuse for a football streaming service. 

Another one regularly used is ESPN Plus, which I will say is possibly the best. That being said though, being the best in this case means very little. It would be like getting 18th in the Premier League, you were the best team to get relegated. While being the best of the rest, ESPN Plus specializes in the Carabao Cup and early round FA Cup matches. Not really sell out occasions.

Changes Needed

These streaming services are ruining the viewing experience for fans across the States. There needs to be more work done on these platforms. Most of the time my phone reports the game being done long before my streaming version ends. If the networks are going to force fans to use these services then the networks need to be sure that the services are designed well. They should quickly load the game and run smoothly. I don’t think that’s much to ask, but judging from the streaming NBC has done thus far, it seems an impossible task.

There are also far too many different services. A fan needs a manual to know where to find their team’s next game. No fan wants to miss a goal because they simply couldn’t find where the game was. It is possible to attain quality, so keep working networks, we’re all pulling for you. Just know that you’re not there yet, not even close.

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