I’m a Clown for Thinking Manchester United is Better Than This

I’ve held, and I’ve, but I can’t hold anymore. I played nice, and put on a face every single win we’ve had. Unfortunately, the weight is becoming unbearable on my shoulders. What I saw today was downright maddening. Get Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer the fuck out of this Club.

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Me getting ready to link “Ole’s at the Wheel” for every cagey win

It’s harsh, and maybe it’s unwarranted, but that felt good to get off my chest. Now that I feel a little better; keep Ole, or don’t, who cares honestly. I’m at the point of nonchalance that I don’t care what happens the rest of the season. I’m just over it.

The Managing Looks Bad

I’m writing this from my heart, which is a really sad and depressed place after dropping points to Leipzig. Literally fuck that game and fuck Ole mister nice guy. With the Starting XI, it was pretty clear he wanted to sit back and defend (bend don’t break) stuff, except we broke in LITERALLY THE SECOND MINUTE OF THE GAME!! Everyone else blames the players, and you know what; I’m sick of it. Players are only a part of the problem. Ole cannot seem to motivate whatever team he puts out. He makes winning so hard against literally every opposition. It is on the manager to build on team motivation and get the players ready to go through a brick wall from the first whistle. Ole notably has not done this for just about any game in recent memory this season.

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Me writing that the West Ham comeback actually meant something to this team

A Match Recap

This team gave up 2 goals and approximately 98946 chances within the first 45 minutes. A third goal in the 69th (nice) minute sealed our fate. United brought back two goals in the 80 and 82nd minute after Paul Pogba came on and changed the dynamic, but it felt disingenuous. I previously wrote the “leave it late” heroics are thrilling and provide nonstop entertainment, but I don’t care anymore. In the most sincere way possible, this style of play is flat-out unsustainable. To just assume this team can score more goals in the second half than the opposition is abhorrently optimistic, somewhat conceited, and will get you burned against good opposition (see Leipzig/PSG). I’m turning violent in my own home, and I can’t help it.

Me when United crash out of the Champions League

CBS Puppets

Side tangent, but the CBS crew has no clue what they are doing. Other than Kate Abdo (btw, sup?), the crew is unorganized and grossly biased in their views. Of all people, Peter “The Great Dane” Schmeichel, said we should follow the Scouser way of life after appointing that asshole Jurgen Klopp. Guess what, Manchester United have a better history, spend more, and are in better position to just give any manager 5 years of mediocrity before expecting some significant change. The will they, won’t they, of Manchester United “putting it together” is infuriating, because the honest truth is this team SHOULD make it out of any Champions League group stage you put them. Sure, maybe we shouldn’t call for Ole’s head if we occasionally draw to Arsenal or Chelsea, but there are certain games in the season you circle as “Must Perform.” A round of 16 qualifying game in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, is one of those games.

Where do I go from here?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure I have the words to describe what I am feeling right now. Moving forward, United will probably beat City this weekend, because why not, and then will likely drop points to Sheffield and Leeds. More of the same from Mr. Inconsistency himself. Admittedly, I’m in a dark place. Instead of write about it, I believe visual representation will probably work best.

The only vaccine to cure my sadness

P.S. Ed Woodward, forget our past and please buy some players in January. I’m begging you.

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