Manchester United is the Problem

Manchester United in crisis

While the Manchester United of old may not be dead, the “United Way” is on its last breaths with the Glazers handing the doctor a “do not resuscitate” notice.

Our club is a shell of itself. United’s coaching carousel continues to churn, Erik ten Haag being the latest model. The past season’s conclusion continues the latest tradition of uninspired performances. Also, the club continues to struggle to attract, let alone sign, new talent stemming from an incompetent front office and a poor financial situation.

Meanwhile the Glazers continue to extract dividends to line their already fat pockets while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge their failures over the last decade and beyond.

Oh, and Old Trafford’s roof is still leaking.

Manchester United Call to Action

That being said, this post isn’t to highlight the ineptitude of Manchester United’s ownership. Anyone following the American Red Devils, to whatever capacity, knows how toxic the Glazer ownership has been and how that toxicity has trickled all the way down to the locker room.

This post is to call out the worldwide Manchester United fan base for their lack of consistency with holding ownership responsible, myself included.

This is a call to action.

In 2021, when at the time we thought that United couldn’t fall any further, we saw the latest iteration of the “Glazer’s Out” protests. When disgruntled fans stormed the pitch at Old Trafford, we saw a postponement of a derby match against Liverpool.

The results of that protest? A smorgasbord of empty promises from absent owners, and a few new signings in the following transfer windows.

Manchester United fan protest – Old Trafford Fans hold up banners as they protest against the Glazer family, owners of Manchester United, before their Premier League match against Liverpool at Old Trafford, Manchester. Issue date: Sunday May 2, 2021.

Since then, it’s been radio silent from not only the ownership, but also from the previously disgruntled fans as we’ve allowed ourselves to be bought off with a few new players and the return of Cristiano Ronaldo.

That’s an absolute disgrace.

Consider if you will all the players who left “on a free” over the last few years… Pogba, Lingard, Mata, Herrera, Matic. Also factor in how United has lost money on the net deals of some players such as Romelu Lukaku. Sprinkle in players who were brought in and have either had ZERO impact or who have completely flopped… Maguire, Donny van de Beek, Aaron Wan Bissaka, Alex Telles, etc.

In a post from the Manchester Evening News… “Manchester United have the biggest transfer losses in Europe in the last 10 years, and just one Premier League title – won by Sir Alex Ferguson – to show for it.”

That says it all.

Anyone seeing these abysmal, and public failures, on and off the pitch, can see that ownership needs to be held accountable for the decline of one of the most beloved clubs in the world.

We held the Glazer’s feet to the fire only to be bought off with cheap marketing tactics and little, if any, changes.

When Cristiano Ronaldo was resigned, his United jersey sales broke records selling more in a single day than when Messi moved to PSG, LeBron James to the Lakers, and Tom Brady to the Buccs. “Online searches for the ‘Ronaldo 7’ shirts have increased by over 600%, compared to last summer’s football shirt data.”

The Glazers got their clicks, got their money, and got us off their backs.

Glazers Out – Now & Always

Talking in circles about how the Glazers suck does nothing to create change in United’s front office, transfer policies, etc. Do we want change? We need to look at ourselves and how we are contributing to the problem before we expect the status quo to shift.

We need to stop buying new jerseys, hoodies, hats, and merchandise. Organize more protests (peaceful please) and walkouts. If money is the only language the Glazers understand we need to hit the Glazers where it really hurts, their wallets.

We cannot expect change to happen, or the club to be sold to more competent/involved owners, while we constantly feed into the Glazer machine.

How much more will we allow the Glazers to leech from the club we all grew up loving? When is enough truly enough?

It breaks my heart to say that Manchester United is in shambles. Anyone can see it how far United has fallen since Sir Alex left, but few are acting because they’re distracted with cheap marketing schemes and press spins.

United’s current situation will not change until the worldwide fan base (again, myself included) hold the Glazer’s accountable for their failures. We have a responsibility to the club we love to enact change.

It starts with us.

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