OUR BALD FRAUD: Manchester United Closing-In on Erik Ten Hag

Erik ten Hag looks to be the man

The longest manager search in modern football memory appears to be finally drawing to a close. Manchester United are reportedly closing-in on the appointment of Ajax manager, Erik ten Hag.

After what feels like a never-ending soap opera in the Club’s hunt for the next gaffer, United’s brass appear to have settled on the Dutchman. While countless names were thrown in the hopper, anyone paying attention knows it’s been a two horse race between ten Hag and Mauricio Pochettino.

The decision was made like most decisions made by the Glazers over the past two-decades; whatever’s cheapest. Ultimately, the deciding factor between these two candidates was the cost to extract them from their current club; PSG were looking for roughly four times the amount Ajax demanded.

As someone who has long preferred ten Hag over the former Spurs boss, hopefully a decision made primarily for cost will benefit Manchester United in the long-run. Here’s how things developed over the past couple of weeks.

Erik ten Hag looks the part

Erik ten Hag Nails the Interview

Over the past international break, Manchester United front office decided to start getting their shit together and look to finalize the appointment of the next manager. After apparently bottling an interview to become Spurs manager last summer, the minnows from North London passed on ten Hag because of his “lack of charisma”.

Erik ten Hag, like any astute professional, took the criticism to heart and worked on improving his deficiencies. The Dutchman spent the past year taking advanced English classes in preparation for his future move to the Premier League.

Based on reports coming from big Fab, the classes and preparation paid off:

Last week’s interview is followed by more encouraging news solidifying Erik ten Hag as United’s choice. Details around his individual compensation package and the fee being paid to Ajax are starting to crystalize, adding fuel to the fire.

Ajax’s Technical Director hinted not so subtly how things are advancing. Even more encouraging, the standard agent negotiation noise coming out at the 11th hour, means the deal must be imminent.

Club Builder Needed

Let’s face it, Manchester United are a club in disarray, with one of the poorest front-offices in world football. Erik ten Hag or literally any other manager joining United this summer, with this ownership, will ultimately not be set-up for success.

That being said, if Manchester United’s board and fanbase give the Dutchman, with Rangnick upstairs, enough time and control to truly affect change, then hopefully we’ll finally witness the rebuild we’ve all been waiting for.

If you’d like some insight into how Erik ten Hag likes to play, enjoy the below.

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