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Manchester United players unhappy with Ralf Rangnick approach and 11 want to leave according to reports - Eurosport

This season straight up sucks. You know it, I know it, hell, even Manchester United know it! Our German godfather Ralf Rangnick has recently faltered and slid after being named interim to the interim to the caretaker manager. With just this much abject misery and under-performing around Manchester, the problem seems much more obtuse than I originally imagined.

Ralf’s Realism

I didn’t want to accept it. There was no chance this German grandpa could be right. This team is enough, or at least it should be. In a recent article, Ralf went IN on United’s ass-backwards policy of running a football club. I can’t even blame Ralf because he is saying what everyone knows and believes. When you get a new manager in, you need to invest in him. It’s exactly the opposite way of how United operate, so I don’t expect much to come from this. United has been focused around players since Fergie retired, and I get it. To build the brand and commercial excellence, it’s easier to buy already established superstars instead of actually focusing on the end product.

Ralf knows exactly what the team is lacking. In short, its an identity, but lets dig a little deeper than that. This is an extremely talented group of individuals. Think about it: Rashford, Varane, Sancho, Ronaldo, Pogba and Fernandes are some of the biggest names in world football, but this team can’t defend or score consistently. Legit what is going on? It seems contradictory, but maybe these extremely talented players just can’t play well together. This team might work with a certain manager, but not Ralf, apparently not Solskjaer, and likely not the next hire either. It’s time to accept Ralf’s realism and move on from this extremely expensive science experiment. If you want to spend a ton of money, and get nothing significant accomplished, become an art collector.

What Kind of Players Do United Need?

I have no clue. That’s not the biggest issue because I’m just a self-deprecating blogger, but the real issue is I don’t think Manchester United know what they need. This new manager, which all signs are pointing to Erik Ten Hag, needs to be given a fair chance. The issue with a fair chance for the next manager is what it could mean for the short term.

Erik ten Hag: Manchester United manager closing in on appointment of Ajax  boss | Football News | Sky Sports
2 bald managers in Manchester? Will the world implode?

If Ten Hag is appointed and given full control, which is what Ralf envisions, this could mean a true overhaul in the squad. A real overhaul means losing some players and buying-up promising but unproven talent. United could be doomed for a period of a couple years without Champions League football, which could mean more. Ralf thinks more physicality is needed, which is a weird suggestion because I think this squad probably just isn’t in good enough shape for how he likes to play. In all this succession planning, United are crash-burning their current campaign. I guess that means the rebuild v.3. starts sooner? Is that all I have to look forward to? Oh how the mighty have fallen.


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