The TeamViewer Kit Isn’t THAT Bad

I support whatever #MyMagnifico wears

Ok ok ok, enough of the shaming, just hear me out for a minute. I’m not here to make enemies, but often is the case I just happen to have a completely opposite and totally not sarcastic opinion of something every other Manchester United fan hates. To be fair, that introduction doesn’t do this article justice because I actually kinda like the TeamViewer kit. How could I be so wrong, you ask? Well, I’m here to prove my point.

The Kit Zigs When the World Zags

Admittedly, fashion is moving too fast for me. My younger cousin recently called me a “boring-ass millennial” at a family party. I have no clue what I did to garner such repulsion, but after prying deeper, I found out my slim fit jeans and white henley t-shirt was the cause of such an outburst. I couldn’t comprehend the disdain. This was as simple, yet effective and versatile outfit. I could go just about anywhere with this, or so I thought. Apparently, I was a loser because I didn’t wear the loosest fitting pair of jeans, air force ones, and a pair of comically small sunglasses.

I say all of this to make the point that sometimes, keeping up with the latest trends and always being cutting-edge is hard. This kit is just that. No thrills, no frills, just simple, effective, and recognizable. The Mona Lisa isn’t the world’s most valuable painting because it has a plethora of ideas, expressions, and interpretations to it, it is the most valuable painting because their is beauty in its unforced simplicity.

Our Prodigal Prince Paul Pogba

It Will Be Historical

You know what it is. #21. ‘Nuff said.

The Kit is a Blast from the Past

This is by far the strongest point of the three. Yea I know only two isn’t very convincing, but I’m trying to turn water into wine here. Give me a break. But I digress, I will put two pictures one after the other, and don’t tell me you aren’t sold on the ethereal vision and nostalgic antiquity.

Sir Marcus.
Sir Bobby Charlton diagnosed with dementia
Sir Bobby.

Did that hit you in the feels? That was the ace up my sleeve. I went all-in and showed my hand. If that didn’t get you in the feels, you are soul-less. The kit resemblance is there, and you cant tell me otherwise. If I haven’t convinced you the TeamViewer can be a timeless kit, then I’m not sure else I can do. I’m putting all my chips in on this season, just like last season, and you should too.



P.S. This blog excludes the Alternates. P-U. that shit stink

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