Title or Bust for Manchester United?

Ok, that is a little too clickbait-y, but there is some truth behind the title. While I don’t always believe my own words and often just make stuff up, I really think United can win a title next year. Based on the negotiations this summer confirmed and both rumored, this team has enough firepower to knock off those noisy neighbors in those candy-ass baby blue uniforms.

Transfer Negotiations

This summer by all accounts will likely be a good summer for transfer negotiations if everything that is rumored happens. Just because United are linked with just about every player to ever play professional football, I will speak in particulars. Jadon Sancho was announced by the one true source Fabrizio Romano a few weeks ago, and even confirmed by both participating clubs. Done deal. Sancho is a proven world-class talent in Germany, and there is no reason to believe he can’t lock down a starting role and contribute at least 15-20 goals and assists coming from either wing, or the 10 hole if Bruno is absent on the rare occasion.

Raphael Varane is the second and final target I will speak about. 1. Who really cares about a 35 year old Tom Heaton and 2. Every other transfer rumor I think is remote at best (Camavinga, Haaland, Trippier, Rice etc.) Given this set of facts, Varane seems closer than it may be on the surface for a few reasons. Real Madrid are somehow even more broke than United. Those maniacs might actually try to sign Mbappe. Also, the Blancos current rotation is in need of refreshing after falling short of trophies and signing a new (read: returning) manager in Ancelotti.

Having said all of this, Varane has won just about all there is to win while at Madrid. This means the 28 year old will bring some real championship pedigree and mentality to the team. Adding him is another world-class talent that I believe makes our back 4 arguabley the best in England. This brings me to my next point.


There were a few holes last season, but as aforementioned, United have likely cleared up the main issues. Since we all love predicting, I think our best XI will be De Gea, AWB, Varane, Slabhead, Shaw, (A player to be named later), Pogba, Bruno, Rashford, Cavani, and Sancho. This XI will have a vicious counter-attack, but also should be able to break down opposition at a slightly better rate than previous seasons. AWB is still only 23-24 and people forget he still had 7 assists last campaign. To round out the defense, Varane, Maguire, and Shaw have made a case they are arguably in the top 4 in the world at their respective position.

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Midfield might be the most shaky, but a combination of Matic, McTominay, and Fred should be able to add up to one mediocre CDM. Pogba and Fernandes’ importance don’t really need to be emphasized here. The attack is lethal after adding Sancho, and my bet is that Cavani can replicate his prior season at least 80% of the way, which is all you really need. The thought of Rashford playing pain-free for the first time in over ~18 months should terrify any back 4. The starters have what it takes to push this team forward.


The depth this upcoming season will be our best since arguably 2013. Donny, Greenwood, Marital, Amad, Fred, Lindelof, and Telles are all strong backups. I can guarantee they are all better than whatever Arsenal can piece together yet again. Rotation will be key, and our immediate backups surely have done enough to prove they can slot in and contribute when needed.

Manchester United end City's winning run with derby joy; Tottenham move to  sixth | Sports News,The Indian Express

Title-Winning Tactics

This is my one plea for Solskjaer. The 4-2-3-1 just isn’t it, chief. Switching to a 4-3-3 would transform this team. I sincerely believe McTominay is the guy to control the midfield. At 24 he can run better than Matic, he can play a long ball better than Fred, and his tackling and ability to intercept are getting better every year. Look for McSauce to make the jump this year and turn into an Ndidi-lite. Solskjaer preaches work-rate, and there has been no better display of the success a high work-rate does for a 4-3-3 than Italy. When they turn it on, the midfield is well balanced, and the high-pressing can cause mistakes that I know the proposed front 5 can capitalize on.

In summation, this team can go for all the glory next year and win a title if they bring a ruthlessness not seen since the Fergie days. I am JR and thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.

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