When the Glazers are Gone

A growing percentage of Manchester United supporters are getting on the train of the #GlazersOut movement. Finally, pushed too far in the poor management of money and personnel, we, the fans who are the bread and butter of this giant Club, have had enough. This does raise the question, however, of what happens in a world that is post Glazers?

Life After the Glazer Family

I see a few different scenarios, all of them dependent on who can cough up the funds for what would likely be in the ballpark of £3,000,000. Who would have the ability to afford this type of investment, and who would be interested in splashing that amount of cash? I think the answer lies in either Saudi or Chinese investment. 

Saudi; It’s no secret that a club like Manchester United has quite a bit of prestige regardless of where we are in the table. There have certainly been rumors over the last few years, and one can certainly see the allure of money with Saudi investment. This, however, would come with its own set of challenges for the Club. The main man linked with the available funds for purchase has always been Mohammad Bin Salman, who, as we are all aware, has had allegations of human rights violations against him rumored for quite some time. The question, however, is, can we live with it? Do we want the cash that bad?

The alternative I see is Chinese investment. Both this last pre-season, which unfortunately didn’t happen, and the pre season last year were scheduled to see United play in Asia. One of the main reasons for this is the considerable growth of Manchester United support in this region of the world. The Glazers want to capitalize on this certainly for brand recognition and sales purposes, but could we see more? Is it likely that investment could come from a source in Asia where United and football, in general, are doing so well?


Ultimately, my guess is only that. However, I think it’s essential to look at the possible ownership scenarios if the Glazers decide to sell. We need to look at building the future of this Club, and that requires substantial investment. Hopefully, we can find owners that are looking to bring us back to the glory of old.

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