PLAYER RATINGS: Manchester United vs Tottenham

Soccer Football - Premier League - Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Old Trafford, Manchester, Britain - October 4, 2020 Tottenham Hotspur's Son Heung-min scores their second goal Pool via REUTERS/Oli Scarff

Well as one match commentator said, “This may be the most embarrassing performance by a United squad in the last seven years.” That pretty much sums up the morning for the reds so lets just get right into it as United fall to Spurs 1-6.

Starting XI

David De Gea: 5/10

When looking at the final scoreline many may be surprised by this rating. However, I believe David was left out to dry a lot in this game and the scoreline doesn’t really reflect his efforts today. He is responsible for some of the communication but it was a relatively well-played game by De Gea if that even makes sense after letting in 6 goals.

David Reaching for a new CB

Luke Shaw: 3/10

Luke was out of it today. He was lost on the far side often leaving all kinds of space for defenders to attack the box. There was a childish foul in the second half that he was lucky not to be sent off for. His post match comments are a positive but that needs to be backed up on the field.

Harry Maguire: 2/10

That was not a performance of the worlds most expensive defender. Soft header leading to a goal, a foul and lack of awareness leading to another. Was Eddy watching?

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 4/10

Nothing great from the spider today. Made his usual bunch of tackles but nothing going forward and was unconnected from the rest of the line.

Eric Bailly: 5/10

Is Bailly really the answer

Finally got what we wanted. And in typical Bailly fashion it was a roller coaster. Strong in the air and flying around. Just when we thought we were all right, he had a bad give away leading to a goal and stepping on Kane’s leg is never a good look.

Nemanja Matic: 5/10

Matic put in a shift today. His legs may not have agreed with him as he often looked slow but Matic did what we expected from him and I guess that has to be commended.

Paul Pogba: 4/10

Pogba is a world class player. Far from it today. When we went behind you could see and feel his attitude change for the worse. If you want to be considered world class player you got to compete regardless of score.

Please Be Better

Bruno Fernandes: 6/10

Bruno was Bruno. Making some plays but after playing only a half today due to the score there was not much time or space to make an impact.

Mason Greenwood: 5/10

Greenwood was electric to start. At least attempting shots like you would hope he would. After going down to 10 men there was just not enough room for him to really create.

Marcus Rashford: 5/10

You would of liked to see this game go much differently for Marcus. He looked explosive at times but likewise with Greenwood, there was not enough room or time for him to put a stamp on the game after going down to 10 men.

Anthony Martial: 2/10

Martial started hot earning a penalty for the squad in the first 30 seconds. That was about it for him today. In the 23rd minute he was shown a red card and sent off after retaliating against a Lamela elbow to his face. While his response was soft, you have to be smarter and know you can’t go to another players face. Getting sent off may not have changed the result but it completely killed our game.


Fred: 5/10

Fred came on at half to help minimize the damage. If limiting the score was the goal he failed but I would say he put in a shift and was flying around. !0 vs 11 is tough regardless of the sub.

Scott McTominay: 7/10

Same situation as Fred. However, I liked the fire which he played with. That is the attitude you need and expect from a United player. He earned more minutes today by continuing to play instead of rolling over like many of the other players.

Donny Van de Beek: 6/10

Donny was subbed on later in the half around the 63rd minute mark. With the score the way it was there was nothing really to expect from DVB. He played hard and that should be commended

Man Of The Match

This seems like a shame to award any of our players the MOTM. However, If one had to be named I would give it to Scott McTominay. While he did not provide anything spectacular, a lot needs to be said about his willingness to compete regardless of the score. Like it was stated previously, he earned more minutes with his attitude today. Ability can be taught, attitude comes from within.

Bonus: Manager Rating 4/10

Ole gave us the lineup we were all asking for. So why is the rating so low? Apart from the obvious 1-6 home defeat. The attitude of the players when we fell behind was a disgrace. Likewise with that, the boys were unable to keep their heads at points (i.e. Shaw foul and Bailly step). That stuff comes down to leadership and OGS needs to take his share of the blame as well. The board has not given him the support he needs/deserves but if this is the squad he is going to get, attitudes need to be better.

“Look Ole, there is Ed still doing nothing”

Next Match: October 17th vs Newcastle (Premier League)

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