American Red Devils Welcome Ed Selman as Blog Contributor

How I found this beautiful club

Hello fellow Reds!

My name is Ed Selman and I am a 22 year old diehard United supporter from Chicago, Illinois. While I have not been following this club for nearly as long as some of you, I would to put my love and passion for this beautiful club up against just about anyones. I am very excited to be a blog contributor.

My support for Manchester United started after the 2018 World Cup. I had fallen in love with the French national team, after the conclusion of the World Cup I found myself fiending for Jogo Bonito. That moment I knew I needed to officially pledge my allegiance to a Club. As a result, I did countless hours of research to find an organization to call mine. I had three prerequisites: I needed a club I felt a genuine attraction to, I needed a player from the French team I fell in love with to hold a prominent role in the club, and I needed the club to be in England. This left but only one place to call home. Old Trafford.

Blog Contributor – Fan of the Pod

Jose Mourinho was the final nail in the coffin. His antics and complete shithousery filled the footballing void in my heart. That sure as hell did not last very long. Because, as fast as I fell for the Portuguese leader I found myself cursing Jose every time he came on TV. Needless to say, we survived the Mourinho era as a fanbase (barely). \\]

My love for this club has been taken to levels I never imagined were possible. This is because of my discovery of the American Red Devils podcast. Since finding them two years ago I can confidently say I have listened to every podcast they have put out. From looking forward to every match recap and preview, to consuming every United History podcast they have put out, I have them to thank for helping me fall down the Man United rabbit hole.

In conclusion I would like to thank Alex and John profusely for this opportunity. I look forward to being a blog contributor as much as they will allow. Having a space to vent frustrations will be a massive asset to my mental health as we know loving this club is a liability on it. I also will be writing some pieces on the club from a gambling perspective. Picks, futures, and heavy value bets will be just some of the things my articles will focus on. Heres to many trophies in our near future, reds.

Glory Glory,
Ed Selman

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