I HATE Mino Raiola

Today I woke up still excitable from another heroic comeback from this passionate and talented team. That has quickly been replaced with depression and devastation. I can’t eat or drink. My vision is blurred. I’m seeing red. I simply cannot believe the headlines today.

“Super-agent” Mino Raiola has gone to the media following an impressive performance from his #1 cash cow, Paul Pogba, citing that Pogba’s United career is over. I mean what the fuck. With such irrevocable news, my mind began racing. Am I a bad luck charm? Did I wrongfully and too hastily call out the haters, of which there are many?

I apologize to the higher omnipotent powers, Sirs Bobby Charlton and Alex Ferguson.

After a few thoughtful hours of self-reflection on my employer’s dime, I have come to a conclusion. I HATE Mino Raiola. This guy is legit scum of the earth. I mean, have you even seen what he looks like? He looks like the Penguin from Batman movies, or Danny DeVito with designer sunglasses. I genuinely don’t understand his body composition. With his tiny legs and ENORMOUS gut, he resembles a Weeble-Wobble, except he has redeeming qualities or entertainment value.

I hate this fatso.

Mino Raiola is a parasite and a leech to Manchester United Football Club. He only cares about one thing – money. He doesn’t care about the players he represents, he doesn’t care about the clubs they play for, he only cares that the wire transfer hits his checking account, which is remarkably even fatter than his face is.

Doom For United?

With the news dropping earlier today, I have no clue what is next for Manchester United. Dare I say it, but I almost feel bad for Ed Woodward. The last time Raiola went to the public, Woodward sacked Our Dear Leader Jozay. Ole isn’t the greatest manager in the world, but you got to believe the recent performances from the team don’t warrant Woodward placating and appeasing to this fatso’s latest ploy by sacking Solsjkaer.

This almost certainly tanks Pogba’s transfer value, which I’m sure Raiola receives a flat fee percentage from the sale. Less money United get = less money Raiola takes. I honestly don’t get the move by Raiola at all, but what I do get is that this man SUCKS.

I love Pogba, but maybe what is good to you is not always what’s best for you.

Pogba’s world-class performances, and immense marketing ability was good for the club, but maybe it’s not what is best for Manchester United. They will most likely sell Pogba for pennies on the dollar in January, but honestly Woodward, do whatever it takes to never have to deal with this fat bozo rat Mino Raiola ever again.

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  1. Pogba doesn’t need to step foot on the pitch again if he doesn’t rebuke his agent in public. Make him sit the bench until he is sold.

    • Its a tough proposition given his talent level, but potentially causing a rift in the dressing room could undo the strides the team is making recently. If he’s gonna be apathetic around the team, I agree!

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