I’m Sorry Manchester United Football Club

I am sorry, Manchester United, and I am sorry Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer. The old me is no longer, and I am trying to turn over a new leaf. A recent tragic moment occurred in my life, and the consequences were devastating. For the first time I was at a irrevocable crossroads in my time here on this planet.

My Foundation Has Been Shaken

Late Saturday night, I was gallivanting my city when an idea popped in my mind – I was craving something insatiable. After watching another mundane performance from Manchester United, I was searching outwards for a mood-booster. No, the nature of my craving wasn’t illegal, illicit, or frowned upon, instead, it was an Insomnia Cookie. I abruptly interrupted a peaceful and relaxing evening in with my girlfriend, and forced her to come with me. She was less than pleased about my child-like behavior when she denied my attempt at first.

Fast forward roughly 10 minutes, and we were just around the corner from the amazing establishment. As I could no longer contain my excitement, I jogged up ahead to the corner of the street to sneak peak at the sign. What I saw rattled my psyche to my core – the line to enter the store was wrapped around the block! I felt defeated, angry, and sad.

With clear disappointment showing on my face, I walked back to the apartment with a measly slice of pizza and thought to myself, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Such a moment in my life made me reflect on all of my decisions, emotions, and feelings up to this date. Why was I sad I didn’t have a cookie when I instead had a perfectly fine slice of pizza instead? This desire to want what I don’t have is a common innate human condition. It is time I’ve done something about this sentiment.

Promise For the Future?

From this moment forward, I will make a conscious decision to be more grateful, and look at the glass half full. My previous thoughts no longer reflect me. Instead of being mad United only managed squeeze one goal past West Brom (all praise be to the VAR gods), I am happy the team won their first home game in the league. I am happy David De Gea and the back four kept a clean sheet. I am happy it took all of our creative attacking might to dispatch a retaken penalty. Three points is three points, and I am grateful for that.

I know I have said some mean things about your ownership, your manager, and your performances, but let’s leave that in the past. I’ve changed for the better, I promise! I’m sorry, Manchester United Football Club, please take me back?

P.S. I take all of this back if you lose to Istanbul.

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