“It’s Only a Football Club” – American Red Devils Welcome Kaleb as Guest Contributor


The American Red Devils welcome Kaleb, the President of the Indianapolis Manchester United Supporters Group, as guest contributor. Kaleb will be keeping us updated on how United’s academy players on loan are performing around Europe.

In His Own Words

It was defined by the golden kit and a third-place finish. But the 2001-2002 season for me changed everything. Coming from a family that loved baseball, hockey, and American football, I suddenly had a passion for something that no one else that I lived with did, Soccer, and, more specifically, the Manchester United variety. After all, what beats getting up at the crack of dawn to try and catch a Prem match on Saturday mornings?

We certainly still do this now, and for me, the feeling of excitement has never changed. Obviously, in 2001 and 2002, the accessibility of this in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was marginal at best, but that never stopped me from trying. Back then, for me, it was David Beckham through and through, the finesse, the finishing, and the ability to thrill a crowd anywhere he played. I think I can attribute some of the club’s initial allure for me to Becks; nearly twenty years later, many names have been added to this list for me besides just David.

The city is yours? Come and take it!

I grew up and followed this club we all love through thick and thin, with ever easier accessibility to see them play. After that first season for me, my all-time favorite United Footballer took the pitch, Rio Ferdinand. I was blessed to watch him play in those prime years and be a fantastic addition to the squad.

I may have grown up, grown older, but one thing is undoubtedly real, and that’s my true love for this club. Its something I share with my young son, and look forward to many years of great times shared between the two of us; United isn’t just a football club; United for me is a lifestyle.

I look forward to expressing my love and admiration for this beautiful club and the fantastic fan base through the written word. Manchester United is nothing without us, the fans, and I want to share even a little bit of the passion I possess with all of you.

For fans, by fans.


– Kaleb

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Husband, Father, and Cyclist who is living the Manchester United lifestyle. Indianapolis, IN #GlazersOut

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